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Summer Holiday Program 2015
Summer Holiday Program: THE HERO IN ME. 15 to 26 June 2015. Let your child celebrate summer holiday with intelligence, creativity, scientific exploration, ingenuity, and friendship! CALL US!

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Caterpillars Montessori was founded by a group of people who believe in the Montessori philosophy of learning. Montessori recognizes that children have a natural drive that inspires them to reach their potential. This inherent love of learning is stimulated when they are given opportunities to engage in meaningful activities. The Montessori program helps children to be independent learners who take charge of their own educational experience, thus enabling a smooth transition from and to different educational systems as they mature.
At Caterpillars Montessori, we strive to give the best possible learning environment for your child and to provide a challenging academic program in a beautiful learning environment.
At the heart of the Montessori philosophy is the belief that all children are inherently good. From the tender age, they feel connected to things around them and they care deeply. Children are open to life. We foster their respect for the environment and help them become enlightened human beings. Through “learning by doing“ and hands on teaching, we encourage them to be confident and independent in all they do - from cleaning up after themselves to language and math skills. Our teachers treat every child with respect and love because we believe that a child’s emotional and social development is every bit as important as their intellectual progress.
Our teachers carefully observe and make constant detailed notes on each child in their care to record each child's progress and performance. Your child will experience an exciting journey in their early years with us and through the year, your child's work encompasses a full range of subjects, from practical life, art, science, music, mathematics, language and much more. At Caterpillars, our children work at their own pace but will complete the entire curriculum by the time they complete the Kindergarten years.
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