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Read about what our children's parents say about Caterpillars Montessori

-- Parents of Jonathan:
"We are very proud with Jonathan's progress after he joins Caterpillars Montessori. Jonathan is now more confident, smart and independent. We are very thankful to the teachers of Caterpillars Montessori for teaching and taking care of Jonathan very well."

-- Mr. Nico and Ms. Meri, parents of Alicia Sharon:
"I chose Caterpillars Montessori because everyone here seems friendly and enthusiastic. They really care about the kids. There are a lot of opportunities for growth. Very positive atmosphere. At the beginning Alicia could not speak any English at all, but after one semester she started to speak and sing in English at home. She has also become more disciplined that we were so surprised. We have noticed a positive change in Alicia since she started her education at Caterpillars Montessori. The report provided by the school is both constructive and informative, and also acting as a guide for Alicia's activities whilst in its care. It is obvious to us that there is a well worked development structure in place and we will definitely recommend Caterpillars Montessori to others with children approaching nursery age.
To all new parents looking for the perfect school for your children, look no further. We were lucky to be referred to Caterpillars Montessori by a friend who was sending her children there. The thought of allowing someone else to teach and watch over your child for a few hours without you there can be daunting. Those fears that come with finding the best preschool for your children will be calmed when you meet the teachers at Caterpillars Montessori. The most important factor for us is that the teachers at Caterpillars Montessori love what they do and have a true passion for teaching. It shows through their faces and everyday actions."

-- Dewi HR Unger, parent of Alexandra Unger:
"I'm very impressed about how well things are going ever since our daughter joined Caterpillars Montessori. Positive things have happened. Thank you as well for the teachers to make my daughter more independent. I hope this our daughter and other children at this school grow to to be very useful individuals in the future. With all my respect."

-- Ara, Diego and Lya:
"It is comforting to finally find a school that we as parents could see each child's personal characteristics at, to develop their natural abilities and work with them in the areas they are not so strong without letting them hinder their learning process. Also, we are happy to know that there are rules and a system in place which is still flexible enough to allow for each individual expression. The children are not conditioned to all be the same, and are taught with love and care day after day. Thank you all."

-- Ms. Ratnawati, parent of Laela Cattleya:
"I have heard about the benefits of the Montessori method from a good friend whose daughter went to a Montessori school in Seminyak some 10 years ago. She urged me to bring Laela, my three-year old daughter to the same school. But living in Sanur, I decided to enrol Laela into Caterpillars Montessori, which had opened some months before. Laela was taken under the care of Ms. Leslie and Ms. Suci, and for the few months that she's been there I can see she is improving herself in everything she does. She is growing more confident, independent, cleverer and has turned into a "mini-adult" to me, able to converse and is reasonably wide in her vocabulary choices.
She brings new vocabulary everyday and I also learnt some from her. At home she would test me on letters or numbers by making hand gestures. She has somewhat become a teacher to me. She is proud, energetic and full of imagination. She knows what she wants and what she does not like. She is assertive and as a parent I notice that this improvement is a combination of the smart, fun and enjoyable learning that they get from the school. I am so happy with her self discovery and pleased that the school is emphasizing in making the kids growing healthy by learning and playing with their own pace."

-- Ms. Sveva and Mr. Michael, parents of Finn and Sofia:
"Caterpillars Montessori has been a fantastic choice for us! Finn and Sofia love this nurturing, caring and safe environment. I wish the school would have been there for their older brother, Christian. I would choose this school over and over again, thank you so much for being there."

-- Parent of Cikey:
"Dear all Caterpillars Montessori teachers, We would like to express our sincere thanks for being hard in educating Cikey. She has improved a lot especially in her English, and we are so happy and proud of the good jobs done by Ms. Leslie and Ms. Suci. If you would come up with a higher Montessori grade (elementary school), we would be happy to register. Wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013."